(Part 4/4) Making an Epic Sweatshirt: Made in Canada

Part 4: Made in Canada

In Short, 

  • All our sweaters are made 100% in Canada
  • All print and needlework are sourced locally
  • We work directly with local creatives and artists to bring you new designs and content
  • We give presentations to local Universities, Aquarium Clubs and Grade/High Schools regarding environmental ethics in business, sustainability and marine/freshwater biology

More info,

For The Reef was started out of love for the coral reefs. Oddly enough, we don’t actually live anywhere near the coral reefs! Growing up fishing in the Great Lakes, diving around the Caribbean and keeping countless aquariums, the aquatic environment has a special place in our hearts.

We take pride in supporting our local economy and knowing that our products are being sourced ethically and sustainably. Of course, we are not perfect but that’s not our goal. We want to show that small incremental changes in the way we think about business, spend our money and live our lives, can make major impacts when multiplied! We wanted to prove that no matter where you live, you can impact the reefs, because no matter where you live, the reefs are impacting you!

We think coral reefs are a canary in the coal mine and losing them would cause a number of tipping points that could drastically impact the natural environment. We want our planet full of life, with thriving ecosystems; to prove it, we wear our hearts on our sleeves!