5 ways to reduce waste this holiday season

1) Bring reusable bags

The move away from plastic bags is real and working! Unfortunately, the holidays require more shopping, so when you are out, don’t forget to bring reusable shopping bags — not just to the grocery store, but everywhere! We recommend throwing a few in your car so you don't forget. 

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2) Have a plan for your tree

Depending on where you live, your city could have a tree drop-off centre or have curbside pickup on specific dates. But why toss it?... Here are a couple of alternatives for your tree: 

  • Compost it
  • Reuse it as a bird feeder
  • Save it for your next campfire
  • Some local farms will accept trees for tree recycling programs
  • See if your community collects Christmas trees for curbside recycling pick-up in the weeks following Christmas.

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3) Replant your tree

Yes, you are already awesome at planting corals, but why not add Christmas trees to the list! Living Christmas trees can be potted and replanted in the ground after the holidays.

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4) Give an experience 

Here is one amazing zero-waste gift that your loved ones can remember forever! Take someone on a trip, to a concert, on a hike, on a bike ride, to a movie, to a sporting event, or maybe a dive trip!? :) 

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5) Wrap your presents sustainably

Repurpose your old newspapers, brown paper bags or even an old map! Alternatively, you can wrap your presents using something totally reusable, like a vintage bag, beautiful scarf or tea towels to include in your gift!

Use newspaper as gift wrap