2310 Corals Outplants in 2018!

We partnered with SECORE International in 2018 and the results are in!

The corals shown here represent the coral outplants in Curaçao during the 2018 field season. 🐙 

"Other" includes the following coral species: 
A. cervicornis (Staghorn)
D. labrynthiformis (Groved Brain)
F. fragum (Favia)
O. faveolata (Mountainous Star)
O. annularis (Boulder Star)
A. prolifora (Fused Staghorn)
Agaracia sp. (Lettuce Corals)

We are proud to have donated over $15,000 USD to SECORE's restoration projects in Curacao leading to the outplanting of 2310 corals! 

"SECORE has developed coral settlement substrates that self-attach to the reef (SECORE Seeding Units). This new concept will enable us to seed large numbers of coral recruits settled on SECORE Seeding Units without the need to transplant each coral by hand. Our studies show that, depending on the conditions at the restoration site, short nursery periods can be sufficient before seeding coral recruits on the reef (Chamberland et al. 2015). To implement our findings at larger scales, we are currently developing new methods to handle large numbers of gametes, larvae and coral recruits with low tech-approaches." 

Seeding units were also placed in Mexico (1391) and the Bahamas (1476). A total of 5177 outplants!!